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Method and cost transportation
 1   weight of canvas




The picture of Impressionism styple should be added 8%-12% of the weight , and the picture drawn by knife should be added 50%-100% of the weight .
2£ºThe methods of transportation

**We will use :"EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT, FEDEX " air transport and transportation by sea and other ways and our departure place is Xiamen Port.

**Transportation Schedule: FEDEX and DHL spend 2-4 days; TNT and UPS 4-7 days; air transportation 7-15 days; transportation by sea 15-30 days. The customers may choose any way according to concrete conditions
3£ºSend by Express Delivery
For instance: UPS, DHL, TNT and FEDEX spend 2 --7 days.
Their transport price is as follows:
Package weight 0.5KG
Each increment pluss 0.5KG
North America
West Europe
Hong Kong
Southeast Asia¡¢Japan Korea ¡¢
Australia, New Zealand
Southern Pacific¡¢Burma
Chile¡¢UAE¡¢South Africa
The south of Africa ¡­¡­
Argentina ¡¢Middle east ¡­¡­

Note: If the weight of the goods that customer purchases is above 20KG, the freight charges will be made a discount .
4. By Chinese airmail
The first weight and price are 0.5KG and 180$. Adding 1 KG, the price increases 3.5$ to 4.5$ correspondently. The time for airmail is from 7 days to 15 days.
5. By transportation by sea, the price is calculated according to the cube .
The first volume and price are 1 cubic meter and 205$. Adding 1 cubic meter progressively, the price increases 70$. The time for it is from 15 days to 30 days.
The most detailed price list regards confirmation form of the order as the standard
The above-mentioned port is XiaMen Port of China

1. we accept payment by cash,T/T , western union ,check,money,paypal , http://super-art.com/ehglish/dingou.htm

2. we accept all kinds of orders form of oil painting about different subjects , including dealing with the oil paintings of different portrait and photograph of wedding gauze kerchief.

3. we have a large number of painting in our stock .we have 3 levels of quality tonest quality high quality and commercial quality.

4. the tonest paintings are extremely high quality done by

our tonest artist with special oil and canvas.

5. All the prices are in US Dollars delivery by fedex not include.

6.please do pay the freight by ,Fedex,UPS,DHL. http://super-art.com/EHGLISH/YUNSU.HTM

7. If you do not find out what you'd like ,please mail or e-mail us your sample(large clear image),we would be better to complete your picture.

China Oil Paintings
We accept all kinds of orders form of oil painting about different subjects, including dealing with the oil paintings of different portrait and photograph of wedding gauze kerchief. You can also offer the printed matter pattern to us, we will make it painstakingly according to the style as your request. If you have special size or other require, please feel free to tell us.
China Oil Paintingswe try to serve our customers in the best way we can ,and strive to meet their needs in the most convenient and efficient . customer orders is booked accepted by us and it will be hadled with great care .

China Oil Paintings
We declare meticulously that we will guarantee with secret treatment for all information and data you supply no matter individual either the order materials.

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