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 PAINTING LIST( In this item all picture are 100% make by hand from our artist )
The commercial oil paintings are painted by special skill and technique , the painted speed is relatively quicker .this kind of painting are cheaper and suit for wholesaler . the subject include : venice. mediterranean . van gogh etc
Price List for van gogh monet
Note: This price list is just for wholesaler , the least orders is $800 US DOLLOR .
orders less than $800 ,the price need to add 25% . If you want to get more disscount
or have any question please send us email .

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commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial van gogh 057
commercial van gogh 058
commercial van gogh 059
commercial van gogh 060
commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial oil painting
commercial van gogh 061
commercial van gogh 062
commercial van gogh 063
commercial van gogh 064
commercial oil painting
commercial van gogh 065
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China Oil PaintingsWe accept all kinds of orders form of oil painting about different subjects, including dealing with the oil paintings of different portrait and photograph of wedding gauze kerchief. You can also offer the printed matter pattern to us, we will make it painstakingly according to the style as your request. If you have special size or other require, please feel free to tell us.
China Oil Paintingswe try to serve our customers in the best way we can ,and strive to meet their needs in the most convenient and efficient . customer orders is booked accepted by us and it will be hadled with great care .

China Oil Paintings
We declare meticulously that we will guarantee with secret treatment for all information and data you supply no matter individual either the order materials.

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